Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Success Summary

A former executive with one of our clients had a vision for a new business model that would provide physicians the opportunity to increase their practice revenues while improving patient outcomes. Infinite, with great entrepreneurial spirit and urgency, quickly architected and developed a web-based remote patient monitoring platform that could process multiple forms of data input (medical devices, IVR, smart phones, tablets, pc’s) to capture and track patient health information.

Business Opportunity

The climate in the United States anticoagulation home testing market has created an opportunity for providing physicians a full-scaled service model that will allow them to enhance their anticoagulation services to their patients, while improving efficacy and increasing their practice revenue. At the heart of the service offering is a web-based solution that will allow the physicians and their staff to capture, review, and document all necessary information for fast, efficient test result work flow, patient tracking, and billing management. Key objectives of the web-based remote patient monitoring platform included:

  • Give physicians the capability to be their own Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), empower them to capture the full benefits of reimbursement and improved patient outcomes
  • Incorporate business rules for submitting claims for reimbursement – HCPPCS Codes G0248, G0249, and G0250
  • Interact with patients via multiple forms of data interfaces (medical devices, IVR, smart phones, tablets, pc’s)
  • Configurable alerts and electronic notifications to enhance workflow prioritization and efficiencies
  • Ability to exchange data with physicians’ EMR system
  • Distribute/track/support all FDA approved PT/INR monitors (device agnostic solution)
  • Ability to extend the remote patient monitoring platform to incorporate patient self-testing for other chronic diseases

Solution Overview

  • Business rules engine and workflow management that leverage configurable account, site, provider, and patient settings for test result processing, alerts, reporting, and interactive communications/notifications - leverages a well organized Provider Dashboard
  • Maintain patient dosing regimens and test plans - system notifies patient of their next scheduled test date
  • Patient input of data values via IVR (interactive voice response) technology, as well as via simple graphical user interfaces
  • Real time determination of patient results - In or Out of range
  • Notification of a missed test to let provider know immediately when a patient misses a test for improved oversight/control
  • Billing cycle workflow for G0250 billing - including notification of cycle completion and dates of service to help capture proper billing revenue for services rendered
  • Monitor device and test strip tracking

Opportunity Seized

  • Infinite teamed with entrepreneurs to quickly develop a working demo release of the remote patient monitoring platform in a few short months.

To schedule a demo of this Remote Patient Monitoring platform, please contact Infinite Business Solutions at (813) 629-9267.