EHR Incentive Program - State Level Registry (Meaningful Use Attestation)

Success Summary

The Infinite team successfully architected, designed, developed, and implemented the Electronic Health Record Incentive Program Registration and Meaningful Use Attestation system for the states of Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, and New Mexico within a seven month period from project start to go-live. The system has been successfully running in production ever since with the addition of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

Business Opportunity

Xerox was in a tough spot and turned to Infinite for urgent help. Xerox had 3 States on their initial SLR solution that was limited to supporting only the Medicaid AIU requirements of the EHR Incentive Program for the first payment year. While their internal resources were consumed maintaining this 'constrained' version of SLR, Xerox needed Infinite to re-design and re-write the SLR solution to satisfy the follow key objectives:

  • Ensure the States remain in compliance with the CMS Program by supporting all EHR Incentive Program requirements for Eligible Medicaid and Dually Eligible Providers for multiple MU stages and program years with a data driven approach.
  • Seamlessly migrate the first 3 State's providers' data from SLR V1 to SLR V2 with enduring year-over-year functionality.
  • Ability to add and maintain State configurations to efficiently onboard new States without needing code changes (4 additional States would immediately onboard with the new version).
  • Ability to add and maintain data to support the transition across multiple MU stages.
  • Robust integration with the CMS National Level Repository (NLR) and States' MMIS systems to prevent duplicate payments.
  • Ability for Providers to upload Clinical Quality Measures (CQM data) electronically leveraging the HL7 QRDA format.
  • Help States track and confirm qualified applicants and reduce fraud by ensuring providers meet the threshold for incentive payments.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Infinite Services

Infinite quickly assembled a small, agile and highly efficient team with a high-level of subject matter expertise working with Medicaid and Clinical data. The Infinite team successfully architected, designed, developed and implemented the new SLR solution in seven months – in time to support Program Year 2012 registrations and attestations.

Some of the main project challenges and hurdles the Infinite team overcame include:

  • A very aggressive and short project time frame with a fixed project budget.
  • A complex data conversion from the existing system.
  • A seamless transition from the old system to the new system so that the users would have no knowledge of the transition.
  • Working with a diverse internal vendor team from the first solution.
  • Dealing with multiple data sources and interfaces.
  • The complexities of the Clinical Quality Measures.

Opportunity Seized

Working with Xerox stakeholders, the Infinite team successfully implemented the new version of the State Level Registry (aka SLR V2) in time to support Program Year 2012 registrations and attestations for Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals in the following 7 States: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana and New Mexico. The SLR V2 solution successfully achieved the key objectives listed above.

Since the initial deployment the SLR V2 system, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Washington DC have been successfully brought on-board. Additionally, the forward thinking design of the system was such that it only required data updates and configuration changes to support the Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements.

Xerox has used the SLR system to process and disburse $ 1.7 billion in federal incentives to over 27,000 healthcare providers who use electronic health records (as of August 2013).

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